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  • Water‑repellent compositions “Неогард-1”


    Water‑repellent compositions “Неогард-1” are devoted to impart water‑repellent and frost‑resisting properties to building material and protect from moisture saturation of building constructions made of concrete, foamed and gas concrete, brick, natural and building stone, gypsum, plastered surfaces. Treated surfaces keep water‑repellent effect for at least 3 – 5 years. The “Неогард-1” compositions have antiseptic properties: they prevent from the formation of mould, fungus, etc. They keep the gas permeability of treated surfaces: material breathes. The “Неогард-1” compositions have no smell and colour; do not change the pattern and colour of treated surfaces. The compositions are completely fire‑safe and blast‑proof. They are safe for environment. They do not need preliminary preparation: ready for use. The “Неогард-1” compositions are frost‑resisting: they can be applied at temperature down to minus 10°C (+14°F). The “Неогард-1” compositions are especially recommended to protect from moisture saturation of building constructions made of porous concrete.

    Use of the compositions “Неогард-1” does not require any special equipment (the compositions can be applied with brush, roller or sprayer) and allows to carry out simultaneously other construction works (gas‑arc welding, cutting, etc.). The compositions “Неогард-1” are inferior to no other water‑repellent agents in their quality, but they are essentially cheaper. The storage time of intact packaging is unlimited.


    1) Water based colorless liquid with almost no odor.

    2) Penetration depth in the article is about 1/4 In. (3 -6 millimeters), depends on material density and wetness.

    3) Package size: 1,321 Gal (5 liters)

    4) Coverage area: 150 to 350 Sq. Ft. (14 to 32 sq. meters), depends on surface porousness.