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  • Water-repellent agents «НЕОГАРД» for wood»: Careful protection of wood articles

    • Gives wood products water-repellent properties;
    • Prevents decay;
    • Does not change the natural color and structure of wood;
    • Prevents deformation of the product in case of accidental contact with water.
    • Produced without the use of biocides, dangerous to human health and the environment.

    Water-repellent agents «НЕОГАРД» for wood» are complex compositions aimed for surface-volume protection from water and moisture penetration into the articles made of wood and wood-based materials (plywood, wood-chip boards and others). Water-repellent agents may be used for paper, cartoon and other cellulose based materials. Polyorganosiloxanes are the active base of the compositions.

    Water-repellent agents penetrate into the material surface and hold there by chemical binding with cellulose fiber with simultaneous polymerization. In result of such reactions harmless for men and animals coatings are formed stable towards environmental influence. Additionally this coating prevents mould, fungi and microorganisms growth at the article surface.

    Because the waterproof action of «НЕОГАРД» for wood» compositions is achieved at molecular level the appearance, structure and mechanical properties of the wood material are not changed.

    Waterrepellent agents «НЕОГАРД» for wood»: purposes and way of using

    «НЕОГАРД» for wood» composition is aimed to improve water-repellent properties of the articles made from wood, plywood, wood-chip boards, etc.). Also it protects the articles from mould, fungi and rotting without using dangerous for human health and environment antiseptics. After drying the composition does not change the wood natural color, structure and odor, does not prevent moisture- and gas- exchange at the article surface.

    The compositions are applied in one layer by brush, applicator roll, sponge or sprayer in amount enough to wet the surface but without runs. The article is exposed than at the air (ventilation is needed) for a day at room temperature, after these they are ready for use. At low temperatures the exposure time is increased.

    Before composition application the surface may be colored with mordant and other nonfilm forming coatings.

    The composition gives the best water-repellent properties when used for well dried wood, however it may be used for slightly humid (but not wet) articles.

    During storage temperature elevation and direct sun light should be excluded. The warranty storage time is 1 year.

    Waterrepellent agents «НЕОГАРД» for wood»: safety demands

    1) The application and drying works should be held without open fire sources.

    2) Composition application should be held in protective glasses and gloves.

    3) The application and drying works should be held at the open air or in the well aired rooms (the same as for organic solvent based paints and enamels).

    4) After drying the composition is harmless for men and animals (in particular, short time contact of food products with the treated articles is possible).

    Waterrepellent agents «НЕОГАРД» for wood»: application manual

    Water-repellent agent «НЕОГАРД» for wood» is supplied in the form of two solutions. Before using the solution №2 is poured into the solution №1 followed by good mixing (shaking), after this the composition is ready to use. The mixed composition may be stored for several weeks in the closed (but not hermetically) container.

    The application and drying works should be held in the well aired rooms or at the open air. The compositions are applied in one layer by brush, applicator roll, sponge or sprayer in amount enough to wet the surface but without runs. The composition surplus should be removed. The treated articles should be conditioned for several hours (at room temperature), after this they are ready for use. At lower temperatures the conditioning time increases.

    Composition application should be held in protective glasses and gloves, when sprayer is used respirator is needed. Before final curing the composition is flammable.

    The surface treated should be clean and dry (in case of humid wood the penetration depth decreases drastically). Any treatment with nonfilm forming compositions (mordants, fire retardants, antiseptics) should be held before waterproof treatment. It is not recommended to be used for the article treated before with drying oil, lacquers, paints or another film forming compositions.

    For painting of wood articles treated by water-repellent agent «НЕОГАРД» for wood» alkyd based paint should be used.

    Consumption is 0.1 – 0.15 l/m2. The increasing of the applied composition does not improve the water-repellent properties but lead to formation of rubberlike film at the wood surface.

    During composition storage the influence of increased temperatures (over +35°C) and direct sunlight should be excluded. Low temperatures and frost are not dangerous for the composition.