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  • Water repellent agent “Неогард-3”

    Water repellent agent “Неогард-3” is a unique composition combining high efficiency and environmental friendliness. The “Неогард-3” composition can be applied to the wet surface, while the efficiency does not change!

    The “Неогард-3” water repellent agent can be used for ALL types of silicate building materials. After drying, the composition does not change the natural color and structure of the material; does not interfere with moisture and gas exchange from the surface of the product.

    The “Неогард-3” compositions are particularly effective for the treatment of surface of constructions made of the building bricks of all types (clay brick, silica brick, slag brick) and other types of structural clay products (tile and so on), for the treatment of articles made on the basis of cement binding agents (concrete, aerated concrete, foam concrete, cement plasters, side‑walk tile, asbestos cement, and more other).

    The “Неогард-3” compositions are effective for the treatment of constructions made of porous natural stones (limestone, dolomite, tufa, pumice‑stone etc.). The “Неогард-3” compositions will provide the water‑repellent effect for the surfaces of nonporous natural stones (granite, diabase, marble). In such a case the composition is applied in a single layer. Particular attention should be paid to the removal of excess composition.


    The “Неогард-3” composition is not suitable for products with a gypsum binder content of more than 60%. The “Неогард-3” composition should not be used for the treatment of articles made of any polymeric materials (plastics) as it is ineffective and of any metals (also ineffective).


    Water repellents “Неогард-3” are applied with a brush, roller, sponge or sprayer in one to three layers in an amount sufficient to wet the surface, but without the formation of stains. Next, the products are kept in air (it is necessary to provide ventilation) for about a day at room temperature, after that they are ready for use as intended. At lower temperatures, the exposure time may increase.

    Treated surfaces keep water‑repellent effect for at least 8 years. During composition storage the influence of increased temperatures /over +35°C (+95°F)/ and direct sunlight should be excluded. Low temperatures and frost are not dangerous for the composition. The warranty storage time is 3 years.


    1) Low viscous transparent colorless liquid with alcohol odor.

    2) Penetration depth in the article is about 1/4 In. (3 -6 millimeters), depends on material density.

    3) Package size: 1,321 Gal (5 liters).

    4) Coverage area: 150 to 550 Sq. Ft. (14 to 51 sq. meters), depends on surface porousness.


    Fig. Water-absorption (%) dependence on exposure time under the water layer (days) for aerated concrete (the top), for clay brick (in the middle), for silica brick (at the bottom):

    “square” – dry treated sample, “circle” – wet treated sample, “triangle” – untreated sample.



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