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  • We are pleased to bring out the HydrophobNeo products – Expert Protection of Concrete & Masonry, Wood & Glass From Moisture Penetration

      Water repellent agent «HydrophobNeo-S»

    Packaging:  200 l,  5 l containers

    Water repellent agent “HydrophobNeo – S” is a unique composition combining high efficiency and environmental friendliness. The “HydrophobNeo – S” composition can be applied to the wet surface, while the efficiency does not change! The “HydrophobNeo – S” water repellent agent can be used for ALL types of silicate building materials. After drying, the composition does not change the natural color and structure of the material; does not interfere with moisture and gas exchange from the surface of the product.The “HydrophobNeo – S” compositions are particularly effective for the treatment of surface of constructions made of the building bricks of all types (clay brick, silica brick, slag brick) and other types of structural clay products (tile and so on), for the treatment of articles made on the basis of cement binding agents (concrete, aerated concrete, foam concrete, cement plasters, side‑walk tile, asbestos cement, and more other).  LEARN MORE

    Water repellent agent  «HydrophobNeo-L»

    Packaging:  200 l,  5 l containers

    Light Water Based Coating. Water‑repellent compositions “HydrophobNeo – L” are devoted to impart water‑repellent and frost‑resisting properties to building material and protect from moisture saturation of building constructions made of concrete, foamed and gas concrete, brick, natural and building stone, gypsum, plastered surfaces. Treated surfaces keep water‑repellent effect for at least 3 – 5 years. They keep the gas permeability of treated surfaces: material breathes. The “HydrophobNeo – L” compositions have no smell and colour; do not change the pattern and colour of treated surfaces. The compositions are completely fire‑safe and blast‑proof. They are safe for environment. They do not need preliminary preparation: ready for use.  LEARN MORE

    Water repellent agent «HydrophobNeo-W»

    Packaging:   5 l containers

    The “HydrophobNeo – W” composition is aimed to improve water-repellent properties of the articles made from wood, plywood, wood-chip boards, etc. Also it protects the articles from mould, fungi and rotting without using dangerous for human health and environment antiseptics. After drying the “HydrophobNeo – W” composition does not change the wood natural color, structure and odor, does not prevent moisture- and gas- exchange at the article surface.  LEARN MORE

    Water repellent agent «HydrophobNeo-G»

    Packaging:  100 ml, 50 ml containers

    Water repellent agent “HydrophobNeo – G” is a unique composition aimed to improve water-repellent properties of the articles made from glass. The “HydrophobNeo – G” composition is both high efficient and environmental friendly. The “HydrophobNeo – G” compositions are suitable for all types of glass (automotive, window, interior, showcase, in showers etc.). LEARN MORE