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  • Special water-repellent composition “Неогард-дерево40”

    It is well known that wood has low enough resistance towards water and moisture action resulting in swelling and buckling and cracking after drying. Even more critical may be the influence of water on plywood, wood-chip boards and similar materials – even after one wetting these materials can deform, flake and loose their market properties.

    More over, wet wood is a good media for growth of mould, fungi and algae, which first form disgusting white, black or green spots at the article surface and than destruct it quickly enough. Usually wood is protected against water influence by impregnation with drying oil or coating by lacquers or paints, these ways of treatment depriving the wood of it’s mail advantage – the ability to “breath”. The alternative way is the wood treatment with water-repellent agents. These compositions decrease wood water wetting without eliminating wood air- and moisture- exchange ability.

    Water droplets on the surface of the plywood treated with Неогард-дерево40 water repellent.

    The wood-chipboard sample after staying under the water layer during one day. The right half of the sample was pretreated with the “Неогард-дерево40” water repellent.







    In 2007 SIF “NEO+” developed and began to produce special water-repellent composition “Неогард-дерево40”. It’s effectiveness based on special choice of solvent – active compound (polyorganosiloxane) combination – catalyst is described by the following data. At the short time (2 – 4 hrs) water action water absorption of broad-leaf wood decreases in 4 – 6 times, conifer wood – in 2 – 4 times, plywood – in 3 – 5 times, wood-chip boards – in 15 – 25 times.

    Water-repellent agents “Неогард-дерево40” are complex compositions aimed for surface-volume protection from water and moisture penetration into the articles made of wood and wood-based materials (plywood, wood-chip boards and others). Water-repellent agents may be used for paper, cartoon and other cellulose based materials. Polyorganosiloxanes are the active base of the compositions.

    Water-repellent agents penetrate into the material surface and hold there by chemical binding with cellulose fiber with simultaneous polymerization. In result of such reactions harmless for men and animals coatings are formed stable towards environmental influence. Additionally this coating prevents mould, fungi and microorganisms growth at the article surface.

    Because the waterproof action of “Неогард-дерево40” compositions is achieved at molecular level the appearance, structure and mechanical properties of the wood material are not changed.

    Зависимость водопоглощения образцов ДСП от времени выдержки под слоем воды.










    At Fig. is shown the example of water-absorption dependence on exposure time under the water layer for wood-chip boards (1 – untreated sample, 2 –  “Неогард-дерево40” treated sample).

    Waterrepellent agents “Неогард-дерево40”: technical features

    1) Low viscous transparent colorless liquid with alcohol odor.

    2) Penetration depth in the article is several millimeters (depending on the wood wetness).

    3) Consumption: 100 – 150 g/m2.

    4) Freezing temperature of compositions is below minus 75°C.

    5) Density: 0.870 – 0910 g/m2, at 20°C.


    Water repellent agent “Неогард-дерево40” is supplied in sets of 10 liters (two containers of 5 liters). Smaller volumes are packed under the name «Неогард для дерева»