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    Welcome! We are pleased to introduce –

    New Expert Protection From Moisture Penetration:

    During 15 years our company has been working on your desires and dreams of the best protection of building materials from moisture penetration. And now we present the result – the HydrophobNeo product line.
    This line includes the most popular, time-tested, effective products.

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    HydrophobNeo-S Super Strong Coating
    HydrophobNeo-L Light Water Based Coating
    HydrophobNeo-W Wood Protection
    HydrophobNeo-G Glass Protection



    Water-repellent agent treatment is an integral part of the finishing of modern buildings. Hydrophobic impregnations are used for finishing the facades, as well as for protecting the walls in damp areas.

    Our company produces water-repellent agent “НЕОГАРД”. “НЕОГАРД” is a modern technological and ecological line of water-repellent impregnations. With the help of our water-repellent compositions, you can solve almost any task in order to protect the most popular building materials, as well as exclusive natural and artificial stones, from moisture penetration.

    We have been working in the market of water repellents since 2004, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of hydrophobization and we really want to share it with you!

    If you have any unsolved problem of protecting the house from moisture penetration, call us at +7 (812) 331-08-38 – we will help you to solve it!

    To order water-repellent agent for the building material!

    Water-repellent agent “НЕОГАРД”: Water does NOT grind the stone!

    Гидрофобизаторы Неогард

    “Research and Production Company “NEO+” is the participant of “St. Petersburg cluster of clean technologies for the urban environment”



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